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Introducing the World’s Toughest, Most Durable Height-Adjustable Machine Bases

Heavy-duty applications require a heavy-duty foundation. Our EM-Series Machine Bases will provide a stable foundation for your industrial equipment, including tools, dies, precision instruments, assembly machines, robotics and more.  



Common applications for our machine bases include: 

Standard vs. Custom Built Machine Bases

With unlimited options, we offer our EM-Series machine bases in both standard and custom configurations. Standard bases utilize a common-size base to create dimensional changes to create a custom size. Custom bases typically have an extra week of lead-time and can add cost with engineering time.

Examples of custom: Adding an extra cross bar, changes to the fort tube dimensions or location, added supports or a full frame re-design. 

The EM Advantage

Expertly engineered and crafted to meet your specific needs. What’s your application? We can build the perfect solution from scratch. Aside from our expertise in designing the highest quality machine bases, here are a few reasons companies rely on EM-Series machine bases for their critical applications:

Full Weldments!

All welded joints for higher strength! No bolts! No nuts! Built to last!

Thicker Tubing

Inner wall tubing made of 3/16" steel improves structural stability and durability.

Round Columns

Circular columns provide improved rigidity and greater resistance to bending.

Actuators and Controls

NEW Improved actuators and Controls system — True Synchronization!

Custom machine bases

Powder-coated to your specified RAL-number

Technical Specifications

Inner wall thickness vertical tubes 3/16

ELEMENTS Dedicated DC Power Supply contained in dedicated NEMA enclosure

ELEMENTS Industrial Powered UP/DOWN Switch

One Power cord to power up system regardless of the number of actuators

LINAK LA36 Actuators with IC- Integrated Controls with live data feedback – True synchronization capability

Patent Pending ELEMENTS CFPS – Cross Frame Parallel Stabilization design -No pivot/deflection issues

Proprietary ELEMENTS Nylon Inner Glide System with over 6” tube engagement at max height

Full Weld design for structural integrity

5 Fully Designed weight capacity models with different pricing models 1K/2K/4K/6K/Custom to 10K

Ability to purchase from ELEMENTS with fully machined top plates and 3 side guarding

Vertical tubes are 3” round DOM tubing with a 3/16” inner wall

Horizontal tubes are fully welded 2x3-3/16” inner wall

Dedicated DC power supply mounted in NEMA enclosure with terminated leads